Monday, May 21, 2012

Bow Ties are Cool

Confession: I haven't actually made it to Matt Smith's Doctor yet, I'm still on David Tennant, WHOM I ABSOLUTELY ADORE.  Cut me some slack, I just started watching the good Doctor a few months ago.


So you may remember that in an earlier post I mentioned that we were looking at bow ties for Mr. Geek and his groomsmen.  Originally, I brought up this idea because it looked more "day time" to me than any other style of tie.  ("How does something look 'day time'?"  WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME DIFFICULT QUESTIONS?)  This was one of the few discussions where Mr. Geek didn't have much of an opinion- we looked at some inspiration pictures together, and he said, "Sure, I could wear that."

And then I found this tutorial on Adore by Chloe for homemade "fake" bow ties.

I can do that!  I can totally do that!

Remember how I said my attendants will be in purple dresses?  (And my honor attendant will be in a red dress?)

Well, Mr. Geek's attendants will be in red bow ties.  (And his honor attendant will wear a purple bow tie.  JUST KIDDING.  I thought about it, briefly- asking her to wear a bow tie like a necklace- but I'm thinking now she'll have a purple pashmina.  More on her outfit later!)

While I'm at it, I'm making Mr. Geek a purple bow tie, too.

And little white bow ties for Mr. Geek's two tiny attendants (neither one of which will actually be carrying the ring, so we can't quite call them "ring bearers").

And purple bow ties for the FOB and FOG.

And purple bow ties for our ushers (I'm making 4 of these, though I'm not sure if we'll have that many ushers).

Crazy?  Who's crazy?

In all seriousness, these little puppies aren't that hard at all.  I'm almost done!

I won't recreate the step-by-step from Adore by Chloe, but I will show you some pictures of the work-in-progress:

**all images in this post are personal photos**

stitch stitch stitch
oh noes!  sewing through all those layers bent my needle :(  I did this twice before I learned to just hand-sew at the last step
taking shape as a bow!
Okay some of them look a little squished and wonky >.<  it adds character!
I'm deviating from the instructions a little- I'm actually stitching the middle section around the bow first with space in between so I can slide the collar part in through the back.  This way, the bow isn't attached to the collar and the boys can slide them around as they adjust the Velcro closures.  (This all makes more sense if you take a look at the tutorial.)

The six purple bows shown above are for our dads and ushers; I've actually already finished all the other bows, too, and now I just need to sew the collar pieces, put the bows on the collars, and add the Velcro.  Almost done!

Are you sewing anything for your wedding?

Much love,
The Geeks


  1. I adore you for the Doctor Who reference! Many congratulations for both of you; I'm loving the blog. Books! Geekery! Weddings! :)
    -Daisy F.

    1. I'm so glad you like it, Daisy! Stay tuned- there is much more geekery ahead!!