Friday, June 22, 2012

In Which I am an Over-Achiever

Ladies (and gentlemen?)- first, let me apologize.  This is the only post I have time to write this week, and it's not even a real post! :(  Forgive me.  I hope you enjoy it anyway...

So, I have this list.

This big, giant, nearly insurmountable list.

It's the List of Things We Still Have to Do for the Wedding- the wedding that is less than 5 months away.

A portion of this list is DiY Projects...which is also a really big list.

A portion of THAT list is DiY Projects I have Yet to Even Start.  Want to see just part of that list?


We're definitely looking to do book-shaped wedding programs- ie a booklet of information that you flip through designed to actually look like a novel.  (If you recall, when coming up with our wedding theme, we thought in terms of "If our wedding were a novel, what would the title be?" we'd like to actually see that title on something that at least looks like a novel.)  Of course, when I say "looks like a novel" I really, really wish I meant this:

Design by Collin Morgan // image via Synecdoche
Ohmygosh, y'all.  This is the book jacket to wedding programs that were literally hard-bound books.  I have actually bound my own book before- for a writing competition in the 4th grade- so I'm sure I could do it, but this is really only feasible for a wedding of, oh, 20 guests.  Maybe.

In reality, our programs will look more like this:

programs by Coeur Noir // image via Martha Stewart Weddings

 I'm planning to sew some pretty simple fabric flower boutonnieres for the men, including both of our dads.  These should actually be fairly simple, and I already have the fabric.  Basically, they'll be slightly larger versions of these flowers, with safety pins on the back:

image via Martha Stewart Weddings
...and in the center of each will be one of these little dudes, representative of each guy's personality, secured with some floral wire:

for example, one of the guys is a pilot and is getting LEGO Iron Man // image via Amazon
Bracelet Corsages

I've posted previously about my "meh" attitude towards flowers.  However, in an apparent homage to high school prom, it's traditional to distinguish the MOB, MOG, and grandmothers with floral corsages.  I really want to recreate this with a slightly more modern twist- flowers that will last a lifetime.  I plan to make fabric rosettes and attach them to simple beaded bracelets, like those shown below, for our mothers and my grandmothers.  Mr. Geek's honor attendant, if you recall, is his Best Woman, so I'll be making her one of these in the same color as the guys' boutonnieres, with her own little LEGO minifig in the center.

rosette and image by Little Birdie Secrets
Reserved Pew Bows

You've seen exactly one picture of the church.  Here's another:

{personal photo}
In an apparent homage to the 80's, it's traditional to decorate every pew, or every other pew, or just the reserved pews with big, tacky bows made of shiny white ribbon.  You already know how I feel about the 80s...and you know I don't really want to add anything to the simple beauty of this ceremony space.  However, I see the wisdom in marking a few pews as reserved- namely, the front pews, for our attendants, and two more pews on each side for our immediate families.  But what to do, exactly?  Bridesmaid MrsL and her mother are very crafty, and for her fall-themed wedding, they made some very lovely pew decor:

{personal photo}
The jury's still out on the details of this one, so stay tuned for a design idea, much less a finished product.  (Ideas?  Leave them in the comments, please!)

I'm sure there are more things on my never-ending list of DiY's, but that's all I could come up with at the moment.  I think I'm gonna need a permanent caffeine IV for the next few months...

How much did you DiY for your wedding day?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the wedding to-do list?

Much love,
The Geeks

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