Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Books: July 2013

As you will recall, I wasn't able to finish The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in the month of June, so I had hoped that would mean I'd finish more than one book in July.


All I had time to read this month was the rest of LotR, and I just barely finished- as in I finished last night.  (Just in time to watch So You Think You Can Dance.)

image via Google Books

It's not to say that this book was more painful to read than the other two- if anything, it was more exciting than the first two, as we got some real battles this time.  It's just that moving into a new house and all the work we're doing preparing for the baby to get here has left me little-to-no time to read for pleasure. 

I'm very glad I finally finished this series, as it feels like something of an accomplishment- that which once seemed an insurmountable mountain (especially in middle school) has now finally been climbed, and, on the other side, I'm actually eager to watch the movies.  (Keep in mind that I fell asleep halfway through my first attempt at watching the first movie of the series and never even tried the other two...)

Tolkien truly is masterful in his creation of this universe of Middle Earth and all the characters that inhabit it, but I think I liked this book best out of the whole trilogy because the hobbits, my favorite characters, truly have a chance to shine.  (Except Frodo.  He kind of sucks as a hero.  I never really liked him through the whole series.  Sam is the real hero.)  There were moments when I thought all hope was lost- when I truly believed little Pippin had died or that Sam would never make it back to his old gaffer- but the underlying sense of hope throughout kept me hooked until the very end.  It's refreshing, really, a book about such an epic war that is ultimately hopeful, when the best-seller list nowadays is chock full of dystopian futures and just wars that are robbed of their justice by a heavy-handed author bent on preaching rather than storytelling.  (Yes, I'm looking at you, Susan Collins...)

So there, I've done it.  I've slain the beast.  I'm ready to take on my next conquest, only Mr. Geek hasn't finished it yet...

Which is your favorite of The Lord of the Rings trilogy?  Who is your favorite character?  What books did you read this month?

Much love,
The Geeks