Monday, July 8, 2013

Fashion Adventures: SO MUCH CUTE

OK so first of all, allow me to apologize.  Not that anybody noticed, but this blog was quiet for over a week.  This was due to the fact that we were finishing our move-in and my parents and baby sister  came to visit for a week- in short, The Geeks were busy living our lives instead of writing about them.  It was sort of refreshing, this mini-blogging-break, but it also cured a bit of writer's block, so hopefully I'm back and louder than ever :)

Now that that's out of the way...

Lil Chief still has quite a bit of growing to do before she makes her grand entrance, but it's never too early to put together a wardrobe!

Remember my sister H, the incredible artist?  Well, she's done it again- my birthday present from her this year was an adorable collection of hand-decorated onesies for Chief!  Observe:

these two feature iron-on appliques
that butterfly actually wraps around to the back
Adorable, no?

Back on Mother's Day, Mr. Geek's dad gave me an adorable pair of pajamas for Chief:

frogs on the feet!!!!
While everyone was here, we took a trip down to Potomac Mills outlet mall for a bit of deep-discount shopping, and so of course we had to pop into the Children's Place outlet, where they were having a ridiculous sale on summer clothing.

Yes, I realize Chief won't be wearing summer clothes until next year, but like I said- it never hurts to plan ahead!  We snagged some cute warm-weather outfits in size 6-9 months- now, I realize that it's really hard to predict what size a baby will be wearing at any given point, especially within the first year, but I'm hoping that at some point between 6 and 9 months of age she'll be wearing size 6-9 months.  And if she's not- we've left the tags on and kept the receipt, so I can always return them.

these jammies are actually newborn-sized and styled for cooler weather
I had to grab that little blue-and-green number on the right to break up all the pink
something to crawl around in on the 4th of July next year!

we figure that a mixture of our particular flavors of fair skin will mean that Chief will need to wear a swim shirt
and my favorite part- tiny little socks and tiny little shoes!!!
I think maybe I could stop buying clothes for myself for the next decade or so if it means I can buy pretty little things for my pretty little girl...

Fess up- what's your favorite bit of baby clothes?  The onesies?  The jammies?  The shoes?

Much love,
The Geeks

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