Monday, July 15, 2013

I Wanna Be a Starship Ranger*

We've had the theme for Chief's nursery picked out since before we knew she was Miss Chief.  The back bedroom in our new rental house, which is the perfect location for the nursery, has one royal blue wall and three pale blue walls.  The owners' little boy was living in that room, and they had those blue walls decorated with rocket ship decals and even a rocket ship ceiling fan.  They removed the decals before they left, and we have the option to paint anything we want, but we have to paint it back before moving out.  We started brainstorming cool, gender-neutral themes, and in the back of my mind I was trying to go for something that could use those beautiful blue walls.

Um, hello.  Rocket.  Ships.

"How about a space-themed nursery?" I asked Mr. Geek one night.  I'd be too nervous to take down that adorable painted ceiling fan and replace it with something else, so why not make it work for us? 

I do plan for us to do a little painting in there- I really want to draw some giant, cartoon-ish stars in a sparkly silver.  Originally I had envisioned lining them around the top of the wall like a wallpaper border, but now I think I'm just going to scatter them around the darker blue wall.  I do want to bring other colors in besides blue, just not in the paint color.  Overall, the palette I'm envisioning will have blues, silver, some light greens, yellows, maybe even fuchsia- like the colors in a nebula:

image via NASA
As far as decor is concerned- well...we're The Geeks!  This is obviously going to be one nerdy little nursery- because let's face it, she's going to be a nerdy little girl- with elements from all our favorite space-traveling sci-fi fandoms.  I want to hang the Police Call Box sign from Doctor Who on the front door (though I won't go so far as to paint the door blue...if we owned the place, I totally would), and Mr. Geek's old Star Wars action figures will find a new home on her bookshelves.  I found a really simple tutorial for making fitted crib sheets, and I picked up 2 different fabrics- one is a dark blue galaxy print covered in swirling stars, and the other is a checkerboard of Star Wars images and logos in varying shades of blue and white.

Of course the furniture is our first priority- my parents bought us a beautiful little rocking chair and we have an old book case to hold books and fun things, but we still need to acquire a crib and a dresser to use as a changing table- but then we're going to have a ball decorating the walls and shelves.  Here are the nerdy, awesome things I've bookmarked under "nursery inspiration":

floor mat via ModCloth
clock via ModCloth
poster via Think Geek
plush toys via Think Geek
figurine via Think Geek
art prints via Think Geek
night light via ModCloth
book via Think Geek
...and that's just the few of the things I've seen ;)

I also plan to make some slightly-girlie artwork involving her name and photos of her (once she gets here to pose for them!), and I'm aaaaaaaaaaalmost done sewing some silver-grey curtains for her window.

So, what do you think?  Would you have liked this nursery as a little one- boy or girl?  Do you like themed nurseries, or do you prefer the theme to be "a baby lives here"? 

If you happen to see any other space-fandom decor out there on the internet, please share it with us!!

Much love,
The Geeks

*Any Starkids out there?  Anyone?

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