Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Disneymoon Adventures: Characters

And now it's time to take a look at the pictures that were, by far, the most fun to take- pictures with characters!  Yes, we waited in line to take pictures with princesses and other awesome characters we happened to walk past- and in some cases, these lines were longer than those for the rides, but it was so worth it.  We didn't hit up every character we saw- in my book, rides trump photos, so if it were ever a question of one or the other, the picture lost out- but there were definitely some characters we made an effort to seek out.  We just barely missed out on Tiana twice, and we were tempted to wait 45 minutes at her spot for her to come back (we would've been first in line) but we decided against it- and I'm glad we did, because it meant we got to watch Wishes from right in front of the castle.  It would've been nice to see Merida, too, but she seemed to have a very limited schedule, and we were only near her greeting spot once.  Take a look at the people (and animals!) we did meet!

The photos with Cinderella are a part of the Cinderella's Royal Table dinner package- at the end of the meal, you're presented with a print-out from their Photo Pass photographer.  I knew I wanted to do character pictures before we got there- hence the 30-minute line to meet Pooh and Tigger- but as we waited for our photo with Cinderella, I felt a little trepidation.  Silent characters were one thing- you give them a hug, pose for a few shots, and leave.  But the ones that talk...what were they going to say?  I'm 24, my husband is 25, we're here on our honeymoon with no kids...why were we waiting in line to take pictures with a girl dressed up like a princess?  The photo with Cinderella was a part of the package, so I kind of figured she'd smile at us, congratulate us on getting married, ask if we were having a good time, and that would be it.  It's not that I expected her to be rude, just that I didn't think she would stay 100% in-character for two childless adults.  (Although I guess we do look a bit like children ourselves...)  I was so, so very wrong.  I know that the main reason the cast members stay completely in-character at all times is so that they don't spoil the magic for little ones who might be listening in, but it really makes the experience that more magical for the adults, too.  Cinderella was genuinely ecstatic about our recent marriage and gushed over my ring.  She asked Mr. Geek if he was friends with any dwarves, and said that I really must show the diamond to Snow White, who would be just tickled to see it.  The whole encounter really allowed us to relax and forget that we'd ever felt silly about wanting these sorts of pictures.

I really am glad we made the effort to meet as many characters as we did- we got some great pictures and they were all really nice!  (I guess that's because we didn't meet any villains ^_^ )

So who is your favorite Disney character?  Have you ever met them?

Much love,
The Geeks

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