Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 in Review

We're in Little Rock for the weekend to attend the wedding of two of Mr. Geek's closest friends and we are beyond excited- it's going to be a beautiful wedding.  Mr. Geek looks gorgeous in his tux, and I picked up a new dress for the occasion- can't let him look prettier than me, now, can I?  I can't wait to share pictures with you!  The best part about this wedding will definitely be the fact that we didn't have to plan it.  We never have to plan a wedding again!

Speaking of weddings...

Since it's the end of the year, I figure a retrospective look is in order.  (Yes, and a post about resolutions, but that'll come on Monday.)  But rather than a straight-up summary of the wedding planning process, I decided to go for a top 10 list.

So, without further adieu, I give you: The Top 10 Our Geeky Adventure Posts of 2012 (by view count).

10. True Colors
Olympic Antique Moss, Valspar Waverly Home Classics Purple Potion and Tomato Red, Valspar Laura Ashley Home Pumpkin 6
Our quest to come up with a wedding theme was...unique, and led us to the title of this blog!  It also led us, eventually, to a fall-themed color palette that ended up looking fantastic on The Big Day!

9. Choose ALL the Dresses!

Alfred Sung Styles D502, D448, D520, D524 // via Weddington Way
 Weddington Way is the best thing ever invented (when shopping for bridesmaids' dresses) and we took full advantage of it.  Though initially it seemed a daunting task to narrow down hundreds of gorgeous dresses to just one, I managed to pick my top 6 and then, with the help of my sisters, narrowed them down to these 4.  Then, each bridesmaid established an account on Weddington Way and voted for her favorite!

8. What Not to Wear

Chambray of the Week Dress via ModCloth / Gillian Dress in Navy by Dear Creatures via Ruche / Amy Adams via Style Bakery
 Once, I went to a wedding that was technically semi-formal, but people interpreted that in varying ways, and one guest showed up in a dress fit for the red carpet- meaning she was dressed more formally than the bridesmaids.  At a different wedding, also technically semi-formal, the bride tried to stress to her guests the semi part of semi-formal, and a guest actually showed up in sweat pants.  In an effort to get the dress code just right for the wedding we're attending tomorrow, I'm sure I've annoyed the bride by asking her opinion in my choice of outfit.  I once saw a bride on Offbeat Bride help her guests decide what to wear with a funny little series of pictures; I decided to mimic her with my own series.

7. Disneymoon Adventures: FOOD!

 This one came from the series of honeymoon recaps that I only just finished.  We took a ton of pictures in Disney and I wanted to document all of our meals, but as it turns out, we were too busy eating to take pictures!  Hopefully, if you're making your own Advanced Dining Reservations for a trip to Disney World any time soon, you'll find our (super positive) reviews helpful!

6. No Admittance Except on Party Business

Our invitation suite is certainly unlike any other our guests had ever seen before, and it was really exciting to unveil it to you!  We were so proud of our completely us invitations that we designed, from scratch, together.

5. Disneymoon Adventures: Characters

Another honeymoon recap post!  These pictures were definitely the most fun to take, and they got the most enthusiastic comments on Facebook :)  (Aladdin and Jasmine were hilarious, by the way.  They have a lot of advice to offer about marriage!)

4. A Very Important Date

photo courtesy Emile Frey
 Picking a date is probably the first decision a couple has to make when they get engaged, and our decision involved many interesting factors.  Hey- I really wanted to wear sleeves, okay?

3. Saying 'Yes' to the Dress

Speaking of sleeves- obviously, some of the most-read posts this year were about the dress shopping process.  Even if you don't know a girl, when you find out she's engaged, one of the first things you ask is what her dress looks like- and y'all loved reading about my shopping trip!

2. Saying 'Yes' to the Dress, Part 2

Of course, since you so enjoyed reading about the different dresses I tried on, it thus follows that you would've enjoyed the post where I revealed the winner!

1. Be Our Guest(book)

image via Scrapbooking Pleasures
 The number one most-read post this year was...the one where we debated whether or not we wanted a guest book!  I'm not entirely sure this one was an incredibly interesting post, but it was one that many of you had opinions on.  Turns out, guest books are quite the hot topic!

So that was a little look back on 2012 here on this little blog.  Incidentally, this was my 100th post!  Here's to 100 more :)

What were your favorite moments of 2012?

Much love,
The Geeks

*all photos personal unless otherwise noted*

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