Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wedding Recaps: Corsages for the Generations

I know it's been an awfully long time, but you may remember that I whipped up some fabric corsages for Mr. Geek's mom, my mom, and my grandmothers.  While I had Mr.Geek 's Best Woman deliver FMIL Geek's corsage to her, I was able to take a moment with the important women in my family and present them with these special little accessories.

First was my dad's mom, Mammaw:


Next, my mom's mom, Grandma Bootsie:

Next, my mom's stepmom, Grandma:


And finally, my mom!


Aaaaaaaaaand then we all got slightly emotional and had to touch up our make-up.  Again :)

What kind of flowers did you have the important women in your life wear?

*all photos by One Photo Gallery*

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