Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wedding Recaps: Last Minute Details

When we were considering our list of must-have photos to discuss with our photographer, I went back and forth over whether or not to have her capture the actual putting-on of the dress.  I know the internet is full of gorgeous photos of brides emerging from layers of tulle, glancing over bare shoulders, allowing someone to lace up their corsets.  Those definitely make for some beautiful photos but in the end, I decided my dress doesn't lend itself to those types of photos- mainly because it doesn't have closures in the back.  Getting into my dress was not glamorous- we kicked everyone out of the room and my mom helped me step into the gown, pull the petticoat on underneath, zip up the side zipper, and button up the front.  I wouldn't have been comfortable with anyone else watching me hustle around in my underwear, and fastening up buttons in the front of a gown is just not as photo-worthy as if they were in the back.  So no, there are no pictures of me putting on my wedding dress- but trust me, there are plenty of me in the dress!

Once I was dressed, I put some last-minute touches on my make-up...

...and so did the bridesmaids

my sister/MOH
another Tiny Attendant, A, patiently letting her mom do her hair
Then it was time for the rest of the bridal bits and pieces:

the diamond pendant necklace was Mr. Geek's gift to me, delivered by his Best Woman earlier that morning
nervously inspecting my make-up one more time
my mom helped me with my engagement ring
my sister helped me with my college ring
then I put in my earrings
then it was time for my beautiful new necklace
my mom really enjoyed putting the flowers in my hair!
You may not have noticed them, but something else was in my hair, too- previously worn by Mrs. Cauldron, Mrs. Unicorn, Mrs. Wizard, Mrs. Elk, Mrs. Castle, Mrs. Petit Four, Mrs. Sunhat, Mrs. Funnel Cake, Mrs. Cannon, Mrs. Bacon, Mrs. Biscuit, and Mrs. Jaguar, and since worn by Mrs. Armadillo, Mrs. Mongoose, Mrs. Panda, Mrs. Campfire, and most recently, Mrs. Road Trip!

I see a little bee!
Next, I needed to put on my shoes, and my sister MOH wanted to help (all the while making jokes about my tiny feet):

Finally, the only thing I had left to put on was my veil!

All that was left was to grab our bouquets and not-so-patiently wait for the procession music to start!

another Tiny Attendant, Mr. Geek's nephew J, loved the book he got to carry in lieu of a ring pillow
my sisters gave me a last-second pep talk
Did you have photos taken while you put on your dress, or just the before and after?  What sort of jewelry and accessories did you wear on your big day?  Did you DIY your make-up or hire a MUA?

*all photos by One Photo Gallery*

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