Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wedding Recaps: Goin' to the Chapel

For most couples, "ceremony decor" is an entire category in the budget.  Hundreds of dollars are spent on flowers, gorgeous decorations are painstakingly DIY'd, aisle runners are lovingly designed.

For us...not so much.  In fact, we basically had no ceremony decor at all.  This was partially due to the budget; when we decided how much to budget for each line item, we first ranked every category in order of importance (to us) and while flowers did make the list, they were towards the very bottom- and any other decor for the church didn't make the list at all.  But I think the reason that decor for the ceremony wasn't a priority for us was because the church is just so...pretty.  St. John's isn't a big, elaborate cathedral or anything- it's just a quaint country parish.  And I think it's pretty enough that we didn't need to mess with it.

Here's what our guests experienced as they arrived.

This is the door most people entered through:

The entrance hall has this beautiful stained glass window:

In the middle of the entrance hall is the baptismal font, in front of which we placed the basket of programs and the sign instructing guests to sit wherever they wanted in the sanctuary:

our programs were meant to feel like books, titled "Our Geeky Adventure" by Mr. and Miss Geek

After picking up a program, guests walked through the open doors to the sanctuary, where you find more stained glass!


The only thing we added to the sanctuary were flower arrangements- one on either side of the altar, and a bouquet of roses at the feet of the statue of Mary.

Of course, the church looked even better when it was full of people- which you'll see next time!

Did you invest a lot in ceremony decor, or did you let your ceremony space speak for itself?  Were flowers a big part of your budget, or were they included more to appease your mom?

*all photos by One Photo Gallery*

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