Monday, January 20, 2014

Wedding Recaps: Why Dance When You Can Watch Football?

Once we were done with photos at the church, we made our way to the reception.  The schedule for the reception was simple- the guests could eat, drink, and mingle before we arrived, then we'd make our grand entrance, have the special dances, then open the floor for dancing while we grabbed some food ourselves before cupcakes and toasts, and finally, after many goodbyes, we'd make our grand exit.  (You may remember that we weren't having a seated dinner- just hors d'oeuvres and a smashed potato bar.)

Did I say grand entrance?  I meant epic.

We rode invisible horses into the reception with our bridal party.

Yeah, we were those people- we made our entrance to "Gangnam Style".  Unfortunately, our photographers were not there to capture the moment, but my cousin L sent me this great picture:

photo via my cousin L
Once the crazy was over, Mr Geek and I immediately cuddled up for our first dance.  I know I had talked about choreographing a show-stopping ballroom number for this dance, but, as the wedding approached and I had to cut things from the epic to-do list, this idea quickly died.  We ended up just swaying and grinning like the goofy kids that we are, with the occasional spin- and I actually let Mr. Geek lead!  Oh, and what song did we end up choosing?

We went with the beautifully romantic "Hard to Concentrate" by Red Hot Chili Peppers instead of the Disney songs that were in the running.  Again, I have no professional photos of this moment, but I did manage to find a guest photo:

photo via my godmother
Next, I danced with my dad.  We had considered opening the dance floor up to other dads and their daughters halfway through, but when the microphone died there was no way to really communicate this to the guests, so we dropped this idea, too.  It was nice to share an almost private moment with my dad, though, as we danced to "Rainbow Connection" by Weezer featuring Haley Williams:

photo via my Aunt P
Next, Mr Geek danced with his mom to "Forever Young" by Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers, and unfortunately we don't even have a guest photo of this moment :(

After that, the floor opened for everyone to dance- or at least that was the plan.  You may recall that I had a few tricks to get people to dance- a huge dance floor with no assigned seating, an awesome playlist featuring songs requested by the guests, and alcohol + candy.  I really envisioned everyone dancing and being goofy for the rest of the reception, but I forgot one crucial detail.

It was football season.

It was football season, Alabama was playing that afternoon, and there was a TV on the upper floor of Spring House.

So yeah, nobody danced.

Well, not nobody...


This is entirely unrelated, but- this is the cutest picture of the whole day:

they're comparing the LEGO men on their flowers!
Was there a lot of dancing at your reception, or did other forms of entertainment take over?

*all photos by One Photo Gallery unless otherwise noted*

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