Monday, January 20, 2014

Wedding Recaps: Boys Just Don't Smile

So now the Mass was over, we were officially married, and it was time to go get some food!

Father Ninja called us together for one final blessing and the closing prayer:


Then Mr. Geek and I led the recession from the church as our organist played Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

Three of the ladies in the bridal party were already married and before the ceremony, they all gave me the same advice, which I'll share with you now-

When you and your new Mister make it back up the aisle, HIDE.  That is to say, as soon as you're out of sight of your guests, run as fast as you can to a secluded spot- preferably a room with a door that you should then shut- and stay there until your guests have left for the reception.

As it turns out, this was very good advice.  We zipped around the corner to the room where I had gotten ready before Mass and just sort of...stared at each other for a bit.  I distinctly remember one of us saying, "We did it!" and the other repeating the same, but for the most part we just admired our new rings and got lost in each other's eyes and yeah, okay, we made out a little bit- but just a little bit, so I wouldn't have to re-apply any make up before the hundreds of photos we were about to take.  Because we were hiding, none of the guests were tempted to stand around chatting with us as they left the church- instead, they headed straight to the food and drink at the reception, allowing us to capture portraits at the altar and then join the fun without much delay.

The rest of the bridal party followed us out of the sanctuary (but not to our hiding spot!) and after looking at the photos, I realized something- for the most part, none of the guys (the groomsmen and the ushers) were smiling as they escorted the beautiful ladies up the aisle.  I guess they forgot that there was a photographer there capturing the walk...or perhaps they were just so intent on their mission?

GMs J and E were the only exceptions:

But mostly the guys were all business:


Next came the parents and grandparents:


Finally, my cousin S and Fr Ninja marked the end of the recessional:


So, I pass on to you not one, but two pieces of wisdom for your recessional:

-When you make it back up the aisle, find a place to hide for what is likely to be your only alone time as a newly married couple until the end of the festivities
-Remind the guys in your bridal party that the photographer is there to capture every moment of the ceremony, including the end- so they should smile!  Or at least look pleasant!

Fellow old married ladies- did anybody share similar advice with you before your big day?

*all photos by One Photo Gallery*

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