Monday, January 20, 2014

Wedding Recaps: Our First Meal as a Married Couple

So by this point, we were married!  Time to go to Disney World

Except we had to finish the ceremony first.  And the reception.  Details.

After our kiss (and a kiss on the nose for Mr Geek), my Cousin L read the Prayers of the Faithful.

We should have our hands folded like everyone else...but I grabbed Mr.Geek 's hand and wouldn't let go for pretty much the rest of the ceremony :)

Next, we knelt before the statue of Mary to ask for her blessing over our marriage (and for some reason there are no photos of this.  Sad.) while our cantor sang Schubert's "Ave Maria":

(Before you go getting any ideas- Celine Dion was not our cantor, as awesome as that may have been.)

Meanwhile, Fr. Ninja prepared the altar for the Liturgy of the Eucharist, assisted by my cousin S:


Our mothers presented the gifts- the unconsecrated hosts and wine:

And then it was time for the part of the Mass I affectionately call "Catholic Aerobics"- the bit where we sit, then stand, then kneel, then stand, then kneel some more:


My godparents (Uncle E and Aunt P) served as our Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and served us our first meal as a married couple- the Body and Blood of Christ.


Even though many of our friends and family members are not Catholic, it was important to Mr Geek and me to celebrate our marriage within a full Mass so that our first act as a married couple was receiving Communion.  Our faith is very important to us, so it seemed very fitting to kick off our marriage in this way, and to share our faith with our loved ones.

Did you include any special traditions in your ceremony?

*all photos by One Photo Gallery*

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