Monday, January 20, 2014

Wedding Recaps: The Sweetest Part

...I'm talking, of course, about the cupcakes.

You may recall that we decided to forgo the traditional wedding cake and have a variety of cupcake flavors instead.  There was a table to the side of the dance floor holding a small selection of these cupcakes as the guest arrived to whet their appetites, as it were, though we placed a sign on the table so no one would steal a cupcake before we had a chance to eat one :)


Front and center on this little table was our "cake topper," created by my uber talented sister/MOH:

About halfway through the reception, the waiters brought out the rest of the cupcakes and removed the sign:


That meant it was time for the "cake cutting!"  We surveyed the delicious offerings and discussed whether to share a chocolate, red velvet, or carrot cake cupcake:

We picked chocolate!

I gave Mr Geek a bite:

Then it was my turn- but first, I reminded Mr Geek not to squish it in my face because that would NOT. BE. FUNNY.  PERIOD.


...I got frosting on my nose anyway, though.  It was kind of unavoidable!

The cupcakes weren't the only sweets at the reception- we also had a candy buffet!

Are you having a traditional tiered wedding cake or a different kind of dessert?  Married ladies- did you get cake smooshed in your face on the big day?

*all photos by One Photo Gallery*

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