Friday, January 31, 2014

Wedding Recaps: Paper Planes

As the reception wound down, I didn't notice that my sisters and other members of our wedding party snuck away to decorate my car.

these are our initials, not a dirty joke.  my youngest sister didn't understand why Mr. Geek found this so funny
Mickey & Minnie, since we were about to go visit them!

Meanwhile, I went to change into my getaway dress, and supplies were distributed to the guests to help with the "closing ceremonies."

Some couples run to the honeymoon under a shower of birdseed; others dart through a crowd of sparklers.

We're geeks, remember?

We left through a salute of paper airplanes.

(Disclaimer: this was not an original idea.  At the beginning of our wedding planning adventure, I saw a wedding somewhere on the internet where the guests threw paper airplanes as the couple left the reception, but I didn't bookmark the link!  So while I can't claim credit for the idea, our guests sure thought it was creative.)

Everyone lined up outside with their aerodynamic creations:

And then we came running out to the car!  We told everyone the idea was to toss the airplanes over us, but of course some jokesters threw them at us...


Funny story- we were almost out of town when my phone rang- it was my dad.  Oh, great, last minute words of advice?  Or maybe he was going to ask us to come to the after party at my parents' house instead of making the drive to our halfway point in Georgia?

"I've got something here you might want," he said.

"Uh oh, what did we forget?" I asked, making a mental checklist of things we needed for the honeymoon.  I had loaded the car that morning in the flurry of getting ready, so of course I had forgotten something.

"Your camera!"

Yikes!  For some reason, I brought our camera into the reception, thinking I'd take my own pictures, or something.  Ha.  So I turned around and headed back to Spring House, where people were getting ready to leave and change into more comfortable clothes for the after party.  We said our goodbyes again with some quick hugs and kisses, then hopped in the car for a second grand exit.

"Guess what you left..."
How did you make your grand exit?

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